Cathryn Jenkins, Sculptor

We are delighted to have longtime family friend and award-winning Canadian artist Cathryn Jenkins' cast bronze bear cubs in the Gallery.  Cathryn is well-known for her large stone and bronze sculptures of Canadian wildlife. Wanting to create works that could be handheld, Cathryn created the model for this series with her hand and a toothpick, rather than sculpting tools. This way the little bears fit nicely in your hand when you pick them up to hold or view the finished works.

This new body, "Waiting for Mama" is a departure from her work to date, and something that Cathryn has enjoyed creating.

The series depicts young grizzly bear cubs in a safe spot just a short distance away from the river, until they are old enough to learn the pecking order at the river bank and fishing skills.

These small, signed limited edition bear cubs are cast in bronze in two different patinas.  There are presently nine designs in this series.

Cathryn lives and works in Vancouver and Bowen Island.

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