Badash Crystal Est. 1945. A Tradition of Excellence.

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Badash Crystal is heritage quality crystal worthy of passing down from generation to generation!

Crystal and Glass are mystical substances of nature, which evolve from the Earth. Although solid and hard they are fragile. Often times clear and translucent, they can appear to be invisible. Like the Rose, crystal and glass are beautiful but can be dangerously sharp. Since 3000 B.C., the shapes and colours of crystal and glass have fascinated and intrigued all ages.

Webster’s defines crystal as clear colourless glass of superior quality. To the laymen, cut crystal is crystal and clear smooth glass is glass – not necessarily true. The fact is that 24% lead crystal is different then lead free crystal, not necessarily better or worse and not necessarily more or less valuable. High quality glass or lead free crystal is made up of natural elements like, limestone, sand, sodium oxide, dolomite, and potash. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable. To get lead crystal, 24% lead oxide is added to the mix and the product becomes softer, less brittle, and more easily cut.