Corporate Art / Commercial Art

Most people think decoration or art is a luxury. But it is not.  Choosing the right corporate art for office, boardroom, or hallways reflects your corporate culture and changes how everyone feels when they enter your space. Without something on the walls, the offices and hallways of a business are dull and institutional. The tendency toward blue-white or grey walls and high ceilings doesn't in itself lend much to the decor of a space, but is in fact the perfect canvas on which to begin displaying beautiful art that will welcome your clients, draw them in, and make them want to stay.

There is a shift occurring lately, as corporate art collecting grows in popularity. High quality wall decor is now seen as an extension of a business' style and prosperity, as opposed to an unnecessary luxury. Clients, employees, and partners alike appreciate the effort that must be expended to create a beautiful workspace.

If your business is feeling a bit too stark, or you simply want to find out more about your choices, come see how we can help spark new emotion in your place of business.

We can help you:
Choose art that suits your budget.
Determine the best size for your space.
Show you a wide range of media on which your artwork can be displayed.
Choose pieces that match your business style.
Figure out if you qualify for corporate capital allowance for purchase of original Canadian artwork.

Cathedral Grove by Vladimir Kostka

We do custom mirrors for hotel renovations, artwork fulfillment for new hotels or hotels undergoing a facelift.  We also do mirrors and hallway art for townhome and condo developments.

We provide artwork to common areas in senior facilities.  We are currently in the show suite at Amica on 16th Avenue.

We're also the official picture framers for Variety Club The Children's Charity.