Carol Evans

Carol Evans creates beautiful and extremely realistic watercolours portraying the beautiful and rugged pacific shores on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Her ability to create intensity of colour in the watercolour medium and her attention to the subtleties of light are trademarks of her increasingly popular work.  See more on her website.

We sell her work as limited edition giclées on canvas.  We have many framed pieces in our gallery / showroom, and can custom frame them for our customers.

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The West Coast is a homeland of mist for many who live in this mystical and beautiful place. On sombre, midwinter days, inlets are choked with moisture laden clouds. In spring and fall, fog banks drift onto the shoreline, leaving veils of mist as they retreat to the open ocean. Even in summertime, when hot, sunny days dominate the weather, wisps of early-morning mist herald the day.

Carol Evans loves this land, and as a master watercolorist, she captures every nuance of both its power and grace in her marvellous paintings. Sunbeams streaming through an ancient rainforest; children frolicking at the seashore; a sailboat bobbing in waters sparkling with diamonds of light; an eagle soaring against the backdrop of a snow-peppered, granite wall: all are images that she has beautifully interpreted with her realistic style. Her ability to create intensity of colour in the watercolour medium and her attention to the subtleties of light are trademarks of her increasingly popular work.

Carol Evans was aware of her destiny as an artist at an early age. Encouraged by her parents, she eagerly investigated everything about art that her mother introduced and, with equal enthusiasm, explored the outdoors her father enjoyed. Born in Vancouver and raised in a number of communities throughout British Columbia, Carol completed high school in the Yukon. After spending some time in the Queen Charlottes - a formative experience - she enrolled in the University of Victoria fine arts program. Realizing her interest and forte were solely in the medium of watercolour, she withdrew from the program after a year of study and eventually moved to the Gulf Islands.

For a time she worked as an illustrator of children's literature, but soon took a serious interest in landscape painting. During the last several years, her skill and style have matured, and her work is now extremely popular with art collectors. Balanced in her ability to create portraits, panoramic land and seascapes, as well as wildlife and botanical studies, Carol creates powerful paintings renowned for their realism. Her watercolours are almost photographic in their detail, but her work goes far beyond being representational. Her trademark is her ability to portray the depths of colour, light and shadow, but perhaps most important are her love for the subject and the soulful feeling she projects in her paintings.

Carol and her husband, Bryn King, live on Salt Spring Island where they thrive on the rural lifestyle and the great source of inspiration that is the West Coast.