Frameless Wood Mounting

Plaque Mounting, also known as Laminart, Block Mounting, or Plak Mounting. Your picture is mounted on MDF and protected with a UV blocking laminate coating. It is a great inexpensive alternative to framing with a frame and glass.  The non-glare finish gives you a simple clean presentation suitable for any room at home or the office.

Plaque mounts are a great choice for home decor that lasts. Here's why:


Plaque mounts are a great choice for children's rooms, earthquake-prone locations, and high-traffic areas. Because they are mounted directly onto MDF wood board and laminated, there is no glass to shatter, should they happen to fall off the wall. The worst that would happen is a chipped edge, but most smaller plaques would not be damaged at all if they fell onto carpet.

So feel free to display your plaque mounts in places you might normally hesitate to hang art. Above the baby's dresser, at shoulder height in the hallway, or anywhere at all!


Choose from one of ten colours for the slim, bevelled edge that accompanies the mounted artwork or photograph.


We offer plaque mount where your photo is mounted & laminated onto a solid 3/8” deep mdf board or Flush Mount where your photo is mounted & laminated onto a solid 1/8” mdf board. Then an ultra-light ¾” mdf moulding is adhered to the back, flush to the image edge giving it a 7/8” depth.. You can select the best option depending on what you are displaying.


Your plaque mount image is coated with UV-protective laminate. Your artwork can last for generations. This also means, however, that the plaque mounting process is irreversible. As such, we do not recommend plaque mounting important original artworks or posters. It is best to create a digital image of the piece and mount that instead.  Ask us about printing your digital images.

We're also the official picture framers for Variety Club The Children's Charity.