How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

Selecting the right picture frame will transform an image. Your choices range from thousands of profiles in wood, metal or poly each of which can create a distinct look. Choosing a colour to bring out the best in your image is only one of the decisions you need to make.

Below we share the pros and cons of the materials when choosing a picture frame. Try out Larson Juhl’s interactive visualizer to see how your image will look in a new frame.

Poly Picture Frames

Cost wise poly mouldings are generally the the most budget friendly. It offers a diverse range of profiles and widths. Many mouldings are indistinguishable from both wood and metal. The cons are large pictures can be susceptible to warping especially in environments with extreme temperature variances. Also it is difficult to repair dents and other damage.

Metal Picture Frames

Metal is the mid range price point. It can be used to create both retro and modern looks. There are several widths and depths available. The biggest factor is using the right weight of frame for the size of the picture. Large pictures need a frame width that will carry the load and there is nothing more dangerous that glass popping out of the frame. Cons are you cannot repair a bent or scratched metal picture frame.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood can be at the top of the charts when it comes to price point yet there are many mouldings that are competitive with metal and poly. Wood picture frames are durable and for the most part repairable. Wood has an excellent load capacity and can be easily braced. The only con can be the price point.

The main factor to consider when choosing a frame is can that frame carry the load until the next renovation. The rule of thumb is, regardless of material, big picture wide frame.

Come in and see us. With our combined decades of experience in custom framing, we’ll help you choose the perfect picture frame.

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