stylecraft table lamps

How to Choose the Right Lamp

There are five basic types of lighting Natural lighting – also known as daylight, this is the light that enters your home naturally during the daytime. While direct sun shining through your windows will cause fading of natural wood and fabric surfaces, and can also damage fine art, natural light can also be indirect. Ambient lighting – also known as general lighting, usually this is the light attached to the light switch or dimmer. This is typically overhead lighting such …

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ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

You’ve probably already felt the urge to get started. Maybe you’ve done a clothing purge while you put away winter clothes and pulled out your spring and summer wardrobe. Maybe the longer days have exposed just how badly your windows need to be cleaned. We feel it too. We’ve put together the ultimate spring cleaning checklist for you to download. Click link below to download your printable checklist. ultimate spring cleaning checklist We also have some suggestions for local White …

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art terminology

The Ultimate Glossary of Art Terminology

We get a lot of questions about art terminology. Here is a glossary of art terms with definitions and pronunciation where needed. Abstract Expressionism – Abstract style originating in the United States in the 1940’s emphasizing spontaneity and energy. Acrylic – A plastic used as a medium for pigments in painting or as a casting material in sculpture. Plexiglas and Lucite are clear acrylics. A synthetic based paint. Acrylic is fast drying and glossy when dried. Appliqué – French meaning …

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