The Art of Framing: Choosing Between Stacked Moulding Frames and Extra Thick Mats

When it comes to displaying cherished photographs or artwork, the right frame can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and visual appeal. Framing not only protects and preserves your pictures but also enhances their beauty. Among the myriad of framing options available, stacked moulding frames and extra thick mats have gained popularity for their unique ability to elevate the presentation of your treasured pieces. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of these two framing styles and when it is best to utilize each.

Stacked Moulding Frames – Adding Depth and Dimension

Stacked moulding frames are characterized by their multi-layered design, where multiple frames are stacked together to create a layered effect. This technique adds depth and dimension to the artwork or photograph being framed, providing a visually striking display. Stacked moulding frames are particularly effective when used with pieces that have intricate details, vibrant colors, or dynamic compositions.

The layering effect of stacked moulding frames draws attention to the artwork, allowing it to stand out from its surroundings. This style of framing works well with a variety of artistic genres, including contemporary art, abstract paintings, and photographs with a modern aesthetic. Stacked moulding frames also offer the advantage of customization, allowing you to mix and match different frame styles and colors to create a truly unique presentation.

Extra Thick Mats – A Touch of Elegance and Sophistication

Extra thick mats, also known as museum mats, provide an elegant and sophisticated touch to framed pictures. These mats are thicker than standard mats, adding depth and prominence to the artwork within the frame. They create a visual barrier between the artwork and the frame, enhancing the overall composition and allowing the piece to command attention.

One of the primary benefits of using extra thick mats is their ability to create a sense of breathing space around the artwork. This additional space draws the viewer’s eye towards the focal point, making the image appear more vibrant and captivating. Extra thick mats are particularly suitable for photographs with rich colors, black and white prints, and classic art pieces. Additionally, they work well in traditional or formal settings where a touch of sophistication is desired.

Determining the Best Choice: Choosing between stacked moulding frames and extra thick mats depends on several factors, including the style and nature of the artwork or photograph, the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve, and the environment where the piece will be displayed.

If you have a modern or contemporary piece with intricate details or vibrant colors, stacked moulding frames can provide a visually appealing and dynamic presentation. On the other hand, if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated look for classic or timeless pieces, extra thick mats offer a touch of refinement and focus.

Consider the surrounding décor and the room’s ambiance when making your decision. Stacked moulding frames can bring a contemporary or eclectic vibe, while extra thick mats lend themselves well to more formal or traditional settings.

Ultimately, the choice between stacked moulding frames and extra thick mats is a matter of personal preference and the desired effect you want to achieve. Both styles offer unique ways to enhance the beauty and impact of your framed artwork or photographs, allowing you to create a presentation that is truly reflective of your personal style and artistic vision.

Framing your artwork or photographs is an art in itself, as it significantly influences the overall presentation and impact of the displayed pieces. Stacked moulding frames and extra thick mats are two framing styles that can add depth, dimension, elegance, and sophistication to your cherished works. By considering the style and nature of the artwork, the desired aesthetic, and the display environment, you can make an informed choice between these two options, ensuring that your framed pieces become captivating focal points that enhance the overall ambiance of any space

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