Robert Bateman & the Bateman Foundation

Robert Bateman is a renowned artist, naturalist, and environmentalist who has devoted his life to capturing the beauty of nature through his art. He is also the founder of the Bateman Foundation, a non-profit organization that for over 10 years was dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of nature and promoting conservation through art and education.  The Bateman Foundation has suspended operations as of February 18, 2023.  Born in Toronto, Canada, in 1930, Robert Bateman grew up with a love …

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Mistakes New Homebuyers Make

10 Mistakes New Homebuyers Make When Furnishing Their Homes

It’s so exciting to close on a new home and even more exciting to start decorating, but there are several mistakes new homebuyers make when furnishing their space.  Top Tip: Measure your front door too. There’s no point in buying something if it won’t fit through the front door! Top Tip: Remember to leave enough room for walkways!  At GS&Co, we’re experts on home furnishings. Come visit us in-store, so we can help you turn your new house into your …

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a couple sitting in their power lift chairs

Lift Later – Do You Need A Power Lift Chair?

You may be thinking that you don’t need a power lift chair quite yet, and you might be right about that, but hear us out: it’s better to think about buying earlier rather than waiting until it becomes necessary. There are a few good reasons for that: Better Selection  When shopping for a power lift chair before you need it, you’ll have more time to research and explore the available options. This can help you find the chair that best …

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Three Ways to Style Your Walls

Gallery Walls Gallery walls are a home decor classic for a reason! They work in most spaces, whether it’s a collection of frames like the ones above this home office setup or a more eclectic mix like the floor-to-ceiling display in this dining room. Here are some easy top tips to make it work every time:  Statement Art Choosing a large scale piece to put above furniture is a great way to anchor a room and add more visual weight …

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Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is a beautiful and durable addition to any home, but it requires proper care to maintain its natural beauty. Here are our top tips for caring for solid wood furniture: Dusting Dust your furniture regularly with a soft cloth or a feather duster. This will help remove dirt and dust that can accumulate on the surface of the wood. Cleaning Use a damp cloth to clean your furniture, but be sure to wring out the cloth, so …

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Senior Care Homes in White Rock & South Surrey

We’ve compiled a list of Senior Care Homes in White Rock & South Surrey for people who are ready to start the conversation about downsizing into retirement living, or need a higher level of care. Westminster House Westminster House is a 117-suite, private pay retirement home located in South Surrey/White Rock in a quiet residential neighbourhood. The Residential Care Regulation licenses Westminster House under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. Their Director of Care assesses residents prior to admission …

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Power Lift Chairs: More Than Meets The Eye

When we think of home comfort aids, we often think of large, ungainly pieces of furniture that wouldn’t be out of place in a medical setting, dressed in plain fabrics and ugly colours. But, with today’s power lift chair offerings, that’s no longer the case! GS&Co carries two fantastic brands of power lift chairs. The first is Ultra Comfort, which is geared toward those who spend a lot of time in their chairs. Elran, our second brand, offers smaller lift …

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Reflections on 2022

Some reflections on 2022… The calendar may have moved to January 2023 but I am personally still processing our most recent trip around the sun. As appreciative as I am, I never want to take any of this for granted. I have so many things, both personal and professional that I am grateful for. Grateful for our customers who choose to deal with a small family-owned and operated brick and mortar store instead of shopping online. Grateful for our amazing …

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downsizing with convertible furniture

The Upside of Downsizing

People downsize for a multitude of reasons. Some want to simplify their lives, some want to move closer to loved ones, and some just want to enjoy a little freed-up equity from their home sale. While many people are looking to upsize, there is a multitude of benefits that can come from downsizing. So what makes downsizing so great? Increased cash flow. If you’ve been in your current home for a while, it may have increased in value, and you …

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gs and company holiday gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s our 2022 Gift Guide! Don’t forget about the big gift of comfort for your loved ones. We have power recliners and power lift chairs ready for immediate delivery!